DecaSwap is a community-driven Automated Market Maker (AMM) that allows Deca users to exchange BNB Smart Chain tokens and earn Deca & Corn tokens passively.
DecaSwap builds a decentralized ecosystem including: exchanges, yield instruments, NFT marketplaces, staking derivatives, games, launchpads, and auction platforms.
Blockchain technology has the attributes of decentralization, trustlessness, immutability, and encryption security, which solves the problem of value dissemination.
It is considered to be the most disruptive technological innovation since the invention of the Internet, and is also known as the next-generation "Internet of Value".

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DAO: A DAO is decentralized, which means it is not governed by an individual or entity, and the rules and governance of each DAO are encoded in smart contracts on the blockchain, which cannot be changed unless voted on by DAO members.
Members of each DAO can collectively vote on decisions, rather than a minority having a majority say, often on an equal basis.
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